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Everything you know of a 'trivial' optician put it away, that's what we have done. Brillestedet is a small optician who made every effort to resist having everything that the others have. This means that we go to fairs and go in the opposite direction of all the others, thereby find fun, unique - often quite quirky glasses, as we have here in the store. Therefore, we rarely have the same lens-shaped in several colors but instead almost sure that you do not run into another person, which has the same spectacle. It's something we think is an important factor, when you care about your appearance.

You can not deny that we are some pranksters. Our shop is characterized by personality and we have more people who like to just drop in for a chat or a cup of coffee on the sofa. We have the stuff in the store that we like. This includes everything from trophy shelf to the amazing coffee. All of which we have chosen because we are the ones that have to be here every day.

We have now been in Hillerød since 2001, because we think that there is a need for crooked glasses, and we will continue with the fight against boring glasses, it is only just begun! - The same applies to the formal optician's uniform and yeah .. We say what we mean. So, come in and have an experience.

note Opening hours:
  • Mon-Friday:          10:00 - 17:30
  • Saturday:                   10:00 - 14:00

We are never opened on sundays or opened late on saturdays. However, we would like to stay longer if agreed.

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